BRAUNSCHWEIG Part I Protocolo Sanrocco

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BRAUNSCHWEIG September, 1 0th-11 th 2016 Fourside Hotel Joddenstrasse 3
38100 Braunschwelg
0049 0531 777200

Friday 9th
(for students)       17:00-19:00           Basic muscle testing Saturday 1 0th
Saturday   10th

Neurology on receptors, subluxation and pain
Chiropractic anamnesi
When, how, and why to accept or refuse a patient using psychosocial/cognitive research and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to communicate with the patient as well as  the art of creating enthusiastic life-time patients
Postural analysis behind the plumb lin
Lateral and antero-posterior postural analysis
The pelvic categorie
Static and dynamic palpation
Seated, supine and prone and what the findings mean.

Predictable Recurrent Palpatory Pain Patterns (from feet to occiput)
normal  patterns as well as exceptions and their meaning.
Sunday 11th
Short leg: difference prone-supine and anatomical short legs (heel lifts
Priority system: 1. Dural Torque Tension.
Probably the most important key to resolve chronic problems, generalized tiredness without evident reasons, malaise, almost all cases of fibromyalgia, pain all over after giving birth and most whiplash injuries.
                                 2.Occiput lift – Anterior atlas.
Not only important in fixing  unexplained knee or low back pain, but many times crucial in fixing symptoms of what medicine attributes at a  stenosis This seminar will be focused mainly on the practical aspect of this method. However the participants enrolling before the Early Bird deadline will be provided by email with the notes to have the chance of going through the theory.



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