Module V.: The Sanrocco Method

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02th – 04th October 2020 Bournemouth

Friday 02 October:       3 pm – 7.30 pm:  shoulder

Saturday 03 October:  9 pm – 7 pm 

Sunday 04 October :   9 pm – 12 pm  


Evaluation, adjusting, muscle testing, common problems, tricks, IRT, Interlink  etc. (The seminar will be mainly hands on, so you can use it on Monday morning in your practice). This seminar can be taken without the attendance of the other First Visit Seminars. Study your muscles before coming to the seminar, so you get the maximum out of it.

1) Shoulder and shoulder girdle: (the shoulder will take a whole day)
a. shoulder muscles
muscle testing and possible reasons of weakness for every muscle and what to do in what order according your findings.
b. shoulder motion evaluation and treatment
c. shoulder joints and major ligaments (IRT and Interlink)
d. common shoulder problems:
–  frozen shoulder ( adhesive capsulitis )
–  slipped bicipital tendon
–  skin reaction (fascial release, etc.)
e. specific exercises to do at home

2) Elbow: tennis and golfers elbow

3) Wrist, thumb and finger problems

–  pseudo and real carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar problems, rhizarthrosis etc.

4) Hip problems  +   pubalgia,  ischialgia and coccydynia.

5) knee problems

6) foot problems


Piet Seru, DC practices since 1981 at the famous Sanrocco Chiropractica clinic in Como, Italy of which he became owner in 1993. Since then he has developed and expanded the clinic with an international group of chiropractors to become one of the most successful clinic in the world. Over the last 25 years the clinic has averaged over 3500 new patients per year without any insurance refund for the patients, no advertising, no physical therapy, no reimbursement and high fees.One of the most important reasons for this success, along with sharing the philosophy, is the basic „First Visit protocol“ from the Sanrocco Method, which is widely used by the chiropractors of Sanrocco clinic. The Sanrocco Method is based on a priority protocol which was developed from many sources.


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