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22th – 24th march 2019 Bournemouth

Friday 22 March:       3 pm – 5 pm Review Part I and II

                                          5 pm – 8 pm TMJ

Saturday 23 March:  9 pm – 7 pm TMJ

Sunday 24 March :   9 pm – 12 pm  TMJ – IRT – Interlink


This seminar is independent of the first two seminars, so the seminar is open to everybody.

piet seru




1.TMJ: Ascending- descending problems


 A complete TMJ protocol so you can recognize and fix 90 % of the TMJ and occlusion problems which interfere with the whole musculoskeletal system and understand when and why you need a dentist (only in 10% of the cases). This is the result of a 10 year study done in the Sanrocco on more than 3000 patients together with dentists, ortopods, neurologists, podologists etc.



 A. Definition of ascending – descending problems.

– six categories of primary descending problems

– three levels of primary ascending problems

B. Pathogenetic Mechanism.

The mechanisms of structural fault transmission on four macrostructural levels.

(How a malocclusion might create low back pain etc. and vice-versa)

  • Neuromusculoskeletal system
  • The meningeal membrane system through the core link
  • The coaxial energetic core
  • The substrate reception system or informational substance system

TMJC. Meersseman test.

Dr. Meersseman together with the Sanrocco team and dentists has elaborated a test, which took his name. It will show you if the problem is ascending, descending (=occlusion) or mixed.             We will teach 2 other ways to find where the major problem comes from.

It is simple to execute, but demands a great expertise from the part of who makes the interpretation.

D. Descending problems influencing posture that can’t be detected by  the  Meersseman test

   What and how you can or can’t fix in your office without a dentist.

a) Short frenulum. In the lateral postural analysis (profile) you will notice an increased dorsal kyphosis with the head, neck and hyoid anterior to the ideal line.
b) Enclosed wisdom tooth. (common problem in young athletes)
c) Interference with the cranial sacral respiration mechanism due to dental.
d) Monolateral mastication in most cases
e) Secondary hypertonicity. (Why most byte planes are wrong)

E. Modified N.O.T. technique (Ferreri)

This technique is extremely useful if you don’t have a dentist to work with or the patient can’t afford a dentist or with patients whom have been operated at the TMJ, fractured it, or don’t support well a new prosthesis.

FA few observations on the Meersseman test and why at times it has been unjustly criticized.

tmj2. Injury Recall Technique


How to eliminate persisting pain after traumas and/or operations, phantom pain and pain where there are no diagnostic findings or explanation.



TMJ 3. Neurological Interlink Technique


The fastest, most revolutionary and efficient technique which you should use for ligament, tendon, capsule and muscle tonus problems (f.e.: ankle sprains, shoulder and knee distortions, inguinal ligament sprains, chronic non-osseous neck and back problems).




Extremely useful with:

medial-paramedial herniated discs

to know precisely where the sensory or motor interruption is 

to hold longer and better adjustments

– to find if and where we have to do with a local, general or metabolic problem at the level of any muscle, tendon, ligament, capsule, cartilage and bone.


      Appendix I: Pain locations and their significance

      Appendix II: Evidence based health science




Sanrocco Chiropractic Method

Over the last 25 years the clinic has averaged over 3500 new patients per year with no insurance, no advertising, no physical therapy, no reimbursement, high fees and no gimmicks.

One of the most important reason for this success, apart from sharing the same philosophy, is the basic “first visit protocol” used by all chiropractors in the clinic. Although each chiropractor practices his own techniques in his own way, the basic first visit protocol is the fundamental first step in quickly and clearly distinguishing the true causes of the patients problems. This protocol indicates the type and order of treatment they must follow in order to get well. It gives priority systems (from teeth to feet), that shouldn’t be missed and have to be adjusted first, independent of the patient symptoms, if you want to put the natural healing mechanisms in motion.


This protocol forms the basis of the “Sanrocco chiropractic method” which has been constructed step by step over the years by Dr. Seru and is  based upon:

–  information learned in hundreds of seminars, applied and filtered for what really clinical works practical daily basis.

– 39 years of experience and over 50000 patients seen and treated personally.

–  the clinical research done at the Sanrocco (like the TMJ, a 10 year  research done on more than  3000 patients and seen with dentists, occlusion specialists, maxilla-facial surgeons, neurologists etc.).

– the weekly sharing of findings and observations of the chiropractors and seeing patients together.

– the fact that whenever a new technique came up somebody of us followed it and if we thought it was useful to help better the patients we had the person come over to the clinic to teach all of us.

– the knowledge of the most prominent chiropractors in the world, who stayed (sometimes for several weeks up to a month) at the clinic and shared their knowledge also by treating difficult patients together, (Goodheart , Morter , Ferreri, Victor Frank, Broome, Leaf,  Schafer etc.).



Give patients unconditional love, think intentional healing, observe, study, read about all aspects of chiropractic, think and write down what you want to get, act upon it, and thank for what you really get.               

                                                             (IT WORKS!)

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