Exercises for the Mind: How to Think Positive.

The more positive you are the more you will be appreciated by other people. Have you ever wondered why positive people are surrounded by so many people and are able to engage with sympathy and simplicity?Sanrocco method

Because with positive thoughts in your head everything is easier and your actions are more effective and more productive.


1) One of the simplest ways to increase your positivity is to express gratitude.

Instead of thinking about what you do not have, you have to be aware and grateful for what you do have in the present, and this results in an immediate release of the negativity you might be clinging to without even realizing it.

Gratitude brings you in touch with the feeling of love immediately. And where there is love, fear and other negative emotions can’t take hold.

The best and most effective way to start this mechanism in your life is to express gratitude every morning.low back paon

As you awaken, think of five things you are grateful for, five positive aspects of your life, no matter how small or large they are, whether they are valid only for you or universally recognizable.




2) Choose to live in the here and now.

And here lots of people error. (tomorrow I will start my diet or stop smoking).

It makes no sense to continue thinking about how bad it was 10 years ago … or what could happen if it goes wrong in 10 years. Focus now on things that can go well.


3) Understand that worrying and living in fear is a huge waste of time.

What good does it do to live in fear and worry that something bad will happen from one moment to the next?

What if, on the other hand, you were to live as if something wonderful was going to happen soon?

Worrying is to “take care of a situation before it’s time”; it makes no sense, live in the present now!

Worrying takes away a huge amount of energy that you can channel to strengthen other areas of your life; think about it.

Rename fear as if it’s something unreal, like a reaction, and not as a reality.

Restore it to its right dimension, focusing on thoughts that distract you or lighten you.

Redirect your actions to something fun or rewarding.

Repeat these actions several times to change the path you usually take and put your brain back on the right track.


4) Learn to be satisfied with what you have and what you are.

Sanrocco methodIt does not mean to avoid growing and improving by standing still.

It means establishing future goals that are self-motivating so you “feel to be on a journey, looking at your life as something evolving”. Look at the past only to understand the mistakes you’ve made and to learn from them, and as a result of all this: be full of joy, feel good now and be content with what you have.



5) Set the goal you want to pursue.

What is the purpose of having a goal?

Feeling to be on a journey under realization, you know where you are going not just wandering in oblivion. It is very bad not to know where you are going, wandering around and seeing everyone else changing.

Then set your goal in a way that it is positive, precise and measurable and then begin to pursue it in small steps right away.


6) Take care of your body.

Your body reacts positively to the love and care directed towards it.

With chiropractic you can alleviate stress and tension and free your body from unnecessary burdens in a natural way.


7) The ultimate goal is inner peace with the following characteristics:chiropractic

A tendency to think and act deliberately, instead of being driven by fears based on past experiences.

– An unmistakable capacity to enjoy each moment.

– A lack of interest in judging others or oneself.

– A lack of interest in controversy.

– A loss of interest in interpreting other one’s actions.

– A loss of capacity to worry.

– Frequent, profoundly moving moments of appreciation.

– Sensations of being connected to others and to nature.

– Frequent attacks of warm-hearted smiling.

– A continually growing sensitivity to the kindnesses of others and an irresistible need to be kind in return.

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