Hip arthrosis should not be painful while arthritis always is

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hip arthritisHip arthrosis does not cause acute pain or sudden soreness in the groin. It is only when arthrosis turns into arthritis, which is often  caused by unhealthy eating habits, that the hip becomes painful due to inflammation.

The true characteristic of hip arthrosis is stiffness, reduced flexibility or  limitation of movement and limping.

Typical signs are the difficulty in putting on socks or shoes which may be accompanied by pain although not necessarily.

Hip arthrosis affects mainly women and is progressive and disabling.

joint arthritisUnfortunately, osteoarthritis(= arthrosis) is often caused by genetic factors and when so it will be necessary to intervene with a hip prosthesis sooner or later.

Never be afraid to fatigue your hip if you have an initial osteoarthritis because the muscles become weak and you will have more problems later on with the proper functioning of the prosthesis if they get to weak.

Treating hip arthrosis over time  does not avoid  degeneration, but it  improves as much as possible  the quality of life of the person. Through some targeted techniques, with the Sanrocco method the process of   wear and tear of the joint and cartilage can be slowed down, moving the time as far into the future as possible when the movements become more and more difficult to accomplish and the prosthesis is inevitable.


Let’s conclude by remembering that prevention and regular chiropractic checkups are essential in addition to a healthy diet and a non-sedentary life. Losing a few pounds will also improve the quality of life and will slow down the degenerative process, as well as reduce the risk of a hip arthritis in the future.


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