What is Keope?

It is a revolution in the field of health and psycho-physical well-being. We, at Sanrocco are the first to use keope in connection with chiropractic treatment.
In 40 years we have tested many types of instruments and Keope Evolution is the only one that perfectly matches with the chiropractic.
Keope Evolution is the ergonomic structure with proprioceptive resonance, who is changing the way to take care of your body.
At your chiropractic office you will have the unique opportunity to know the incredible invention of dr. Amadeo Maffei, psychologist, university professor, scientist and researcher for over 30 years. “Keope” is regularly used in the neurological and dental fields, sports (Dovizioso) and corporate welfare.
NASA has also conducted a research project, subjecting some astronauts like Parmitano to treatments with Keope and obtaining incredible results in terms of muscle recovery when they returned from space. Ferrari is using Keope for its drivers not only in the stages before the race, but also during and after the race. They have achieved incredible improvements in freshness and mental clarity. For the first time alongside the mechanics for the cars there were the mechanics for the men.

In less than 20 minutes it will be possible to try a unique experience with a feeling of total absence of gravity, transported to another sensory and emotional dimension.
The benefits of Keope Evolution are already evident from the first session.

How does Keope Evolution work?

Keope Evolution is the only instrument that acts by means of mechanical modulations (and not by vibration) that stimulate the mechanoreceptors in very precise points of the body; 11 points of support, 10 pistons to create the modulations, 6 different programs and uses a “holophonic” sound system.

All managed and coordinated by a software. In a few minutes it takes you to the correct posture, in complete functional discharge and in a state of total relaxation. Our keopes have been specially designed for chiropractic use, with 6 different programs that the chiropractor will choose for each patient’s pathology.

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Which are the benefits?

Based on research carried out in 6 universities and several hospitals


Improves Posture
Improves Proprioceptive Sensitivity
Reduces Lumbar Pain
Normalizes Heart Rate And Arterial Pressure
Improves The Quality Of Sleep
Reduces Stress
Eliminates negative thought patterns


Resets Gravitational Muscle Tone
Improves Balance And Aim;
Helps The Venous And Lymphatic Circulation.
Enhances The Microcirculation


Enhances The Explosive Strength Of Skeletal Muscles
Speeds Up The Recovery Time In Rehabilitation.
Stimulates The Endocrine System.


Removes Lactic Acid
Improves The Coordination And Control Of Movement


Helps Strengthen The muscles of the Lower Limbs


Removes Quickly Lactic Acid And Enhances Recovery Time After Intense Physical Activities

For who?

For those who want to improve their quality of sleep and rest well

For those who want to take a break from work and return more productive and focused

sanrocco metho
For seniors who want to alleviate joint disorders

For those who want to mitigate the discomfort of migraines and headaches.

For those who must manage and prevent work-related stress (Burnout syndrome).

For the sportsman who wants to prepare the muscles before the performance

For those who want to accelerate rehabilitation after an injury.

In sports like golf where balance, aim and precision are required

For those suffering from circulatory problems and heavy legs.

For those who lead a sedentary life and perform little sporting activity

For the elderly in rehab who wants to maintain muscle tone.

For the sportsman who wants to optimize recovery time after an injury

For the sportsman who wants to strengthen the muscles before a workout

For those who lead a sedentary life and perform little physical activity

For the athlete who needs to accelerate muscle recovery and remove lactate

For the elderly who wants to improve stability, balance and security in the pass

For those who feel the need to relieve fatigue in times of extreme stress and tension

For those who want to mitigate the lumbar pains

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