This type of dizziness or vertigo only occurs when you lie down on your back and many times also when you get up.

You need first to do a specific vertebral correction between the last cervical and the first dorsal and then apply the “Seru maneuver”, successfully proven to work for this type of dizziness in thirty years of clinical studies by Dr. Piet Seru and consequently incorporated in the Sanrocco Method of Como.

This is not Semont’s maneuver for canalithiasis / cupulolithiasis but a different one using another mechanism.

Exercise to neutralize positional paroxysmal vertigo:

The patient must sit in the middle of the bed so he feels secure, at an arms length distance between him and the doctor or other person. The patient should look straight into the eyes of the person with whom he does the maneuver and should never look around or close his eyes. If he closes his eyes he will stimulate the solitary nucleus in the brain, which causes nausea whereas if he looks around he will stimulate the vestibular channels which will give dizziness.

Dizziness may appear after a few seconds in the form of nystagmus (= involuntary rapid eye movement) of which the patient should be assured before so he has no fear reaction.

The chiropractor performs the “Seru maneuver” until the patient for two times in a row has no attack of nausea or dizziness.

Sometimes it will take 6 to 10 times or more before no attack occurs. Then the patient should be slammed fast on the bed always while looking straight into the eyes of the other person. If there is no reaction then sit the patient up quickly and slam them fast down again a couple of times.

Immediately the patient will be much better. This maneuver should then be repeated at home twice a day for at least a week, helped by a family member, until the memory of dizziness is gone.

These maneuvers can also be made at home before going to the chiropractor, and if done properly 40% of cases will resolve without being adjusted. If this does not happen and there is no improvement in two days you will have to go to your chiropractor who will do this precise adjustment of the last cervical and first dorsal vertebra and immediately after do the “Seru maneuver”.

We know that 95% of the patients with this type of vertigo will be healed in one or two sessions using this technique.

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