Here are ten recommendations for limiting the risks of radiation and damage from using the cell phone:

Children should simply not use them except for emergencies.
Texting is more tolerable but should be limited as well.
It is not by chance that in France publicity for cell phone usage directed at anyone under 14 years of age is prohibited.
Always use earphones with cables, not the wireless ones.
Using the speakerphone is even better still.


If there is little reception (you can see this on your display) don’t make a call.
It takes more transmitting power to call, and therefore more radiation.
The same thing goes for when you are in movement.
It takes more transmitting power to make the call when there is less signal. Therefore don’t make calls when you are in a moving car or train.
And absolutely don’t hold the phone next to your head while the call is being made; the radiation is stronger.
Wait for the connection to be made before putting the phone next to your head (and remember to use the speakerphone whenever possible).radiation and damage from cell phone

Don’t carry a cell phone the whole day in any pant, shirt or jacket pocket.
Alternate which ear you put the phone up to and try to shorten the length of each call.
There exist fixed phone lines, so when available use them.
Or when possible use instruments of instant messaging such as Skype.

Absolutely do not sleep with a cell phone near your head, for example when you use it for an alarm clock.


Go to a chiropractor who knows the Sanrocco Method or is expert in Activator technique, Applied Kinesiology and Total Body Modification (TBM) technique (he needs also to know certain points used in  Meridian therapy and stimulate with an activator, during all the  different phases of breathing, the associated points of the conception vessel together with the points that regulate all associated points and put a gold ring over a particular point on the conception vessel near the angle of Louis).

He will test your muscle strength and show you how it weakens when you’re in contact with your beloved cell phone.

You will not only  learn how big  your electromagnetic field is , but also be  neutralized against the damage of the cell phone to your body’s electromagnetic field and therefore also to your physical body. 

Nobody can smoke in public buildings anymore because of second hand smoke, so smoking rooms have been constructed. Maybe someday our children, or maybe our grandchildren, will come up with cellphone rooms. It usually takes two generations before people accept the danger of something new and don’t believe anymore in sponsored publicity where they try to convince us that a product is not only necessary but also absolutely not dangerous (just look at the publicity for smoking in the fifties (Tv series: MadMan); May be two generations from now they actually will say, “Look, these is killing us.

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