The secret of Sanrocco’s success:

We understood that the therapies  commonly used for muscle spasms  are not working well  because a muscle spasm  is  always secondary to a weak muscle. We have become specialists in understanding the many reasons why a muscle may become weak and how to fix it. Treating the origin of the problem (the weak muscle) and not the consequences (spasm)  the Sanrocco method has become  much more effective than any other therapy.

This  Method allows us to identify the true cause of any dysfunction, remove it and therefore allow the body  to find it’s optimum equilibrium.  What we have practiced in all these years  successfully  for our patients is not a simple chiropractic method. It gives us the ability to personalize every treatment and  achieve much faster and lasting results.

One of the most important reason for this success, apart from sharing the same philosophy, is the basic “first visit protocol” used by all chiropractors in the clinic.
Although each chiropractor practices his own techniques in his own way, the basic first visit protocol is the fundamental first step in quickly and clearly distinguishing the true causes of the patients problems. This protocol indicates the type and order of treatment they must follow in order to get well. It gives priority systems (from teeth to feet), that must not be missed and have to be adjusted first, independent of the patient symptoms, if you want to put the natural healing mechanisms in motion.


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