We should recall an ancient Chinese proverb about staying healthy: “There would be no serious health problems if we would treat every small discomfort”

Most of our patients have had health problems for many years now. We would like to be able to go back in time for those who we could have helped years or decades ago, but unfortunately it is not possible.

chiropractic checkupThe admonition, “You should have come to me twenty years ago” is true, but it does not help. You have been checking your teeth, ears, eyes, blood pressure, heart, etc. for your whole life, don’t you think it is also the case to check your spine, posture and muscle strength?

How many years have passed since the last time you had an in depth checkup of your posture, spine, pelvis, knees and feet?

Unfortunately, most people have never done so. Their vertebral column suffers a lifelong of neglect. The sad truth is that when a person comes to us the muscles, ligaments, joints, and the same vertebrae have suffered for decades. At this point it can take a long time to recover properly.

Our hope is that our patients will advise their children and grandchildren to undergo postural checkups in time so that later when they are  30 or 40 years old they  will not be in such a bad shape as to hear the same sad words when  visiting  the future generation of Sanrocco professionals.

posture checkupOur goal is to restore health, mobility and proper functional to all joints in general and to those in the back in particular. The effects of treatments may be immediate or may take time. It will depend on your overall health status, your type of nutrition, your physical exercise, your lifestyle, and the regularity of your treatments.


It is important to know that small pains, vertebral blocks, muscular spasms, distortions untreated by true professionals weaken all the back muscles, ligaments, cartilage, intervertebral discs and vertebrae. This also causes a lack of energy and vitality, chronic fatigue and early aging.



There are also many other causes that can accelerate the degeneration of the back:

  • Some can be traced back to trauma to the neck and head exercised on the infant during birth.low back pain
  • Others may be due to falls, accidents or other traumas.
  • Childhood, with the inevitable falls, fights and accidents, often represents a very traumatic period in our lives. For this reasons child need periodic spinal checkups.
  • Now often children do little sport, play too many video games, do not have breakfast in the morning, hate fruit and vegetables and do the opposite of what they should to stay healthy, increase the risk that their back is being seriously compromised.
  • Adulthood later on is often then characterized by a high level of “emotional stress” that can inflict even greater damage to the spine than any other type of physical stress. One day we realize that we tire more quickly than usual, and we begin to feel tension in the neck, shoulders or back. Sometimes the first symptoms are even subtle personality changes: melancholy, difficulty concentrating, insomnia and a bad attitude.


To combat the slow onset of back or cervical pain before they become chronic, the Sanrocco method is not only essential but also the most complete treatment for maintaining the health of our spine.

We must remember that one of the categories of people (apart from children / teenagers), who benefit most from this method is without a doubt that of people around the age of 40 to45 who are at the peak level of stress in their lives (home, work, Children, debts etc.). Getting regular treatments, these people can be happy again around 50 to 55 years without a back that has major problems, avoiding unnecessary suffering, the use of medication and in severe cases, surgery.

Why not get preventive checkups of your spine before getting sick? Feeling pain and having an illness are often the last stage of the disease process.

regular checkup og spineNormally at Sanrocco, subjecting the vertebral column to in depth checkups, we are able to discover stress at the vertebral level even before the first symptoms appear.

True health does not simply mean being free from symptoms, but having a body that works properly; having a well-aligned and  functional spine, sleeping well, eating healthy, being full of strength and energy. If the mere fact of having no symptoms was a sign of good health then aspirin and drugs would generally be able to make us feel better and the higher the dose the healthier we would get. But would we really be healthier?

The results obtained on over 200,000 patients that have been treated with the Sanrocco method demonstrate that it is a completely natural and safe way, without the use of drugs, to maintain good health. It’s growing popularity is without a doubt indicative of its effectiveness.

A checkup for your spine could make the difference between having a life of suffering or a life of happiness and good health.



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