Unfortunately today most of what is referred to as “healing” has little to do with real and true healing.  In reality they’re talking about first aid treatment, adjusting the bones, stitching up wounds, removing foreign objects , preventing the recurrence of harmful activity and removing factors which cause immediate damage to health.

In the end, the healing of  health problems today is frequently nothing other than controlling the symptoms.  Typically pharmaceutical medicines are given which lower the body temperature when there is a fever, kill germs, eliminate pain, in other words they try one way or another to modify the chemistry of the body.  But we can’t really speak of a true healing if we haven’t even searched for a root cause of the problem.

-Do antibiotics actually increase the resistance of the person who was so weak and exhausted that they became fertile ground for germs?

-Do pharmaceuticals which treat high blood pressure actually correct the poorly functioning organism which caused the blood pressure to rise?

-Does giving pharmaceuticals to hyperactive  children actually correct the cause of the hyperactivity?

Everybody knows people who could really be considered a walking pharmacy, who have to constantly take drugs, every day, some even every hour, for weeks, months, or years, and even so are never healed.  Besides that it is very well known how the side effects of these pharmaceuticals can be the cause of serious damage to one’s health.  Undoubtedly there can be situations where a drug may be necessary, but we must be aware of the characteristics and limits as well if we are going to use them wisely.

chiropracticThe Sanrocco Method, on the other hand, is based on a fundamental premise:

All living beings possess an innate ‘intelligence’ and ‘capacity’ which manifests itself in the intricate organization of the structures and vital functions which characterize the extra ordinary complexity of the organism.  The capacity of the organism to heal itself is ALWAYS present and  what maintains our health and heals us when we are ill is the true manifestation of this intelligent force.

Let’s give an example:

What happens when you cut yourself?  The first thing that happens is that you start to bleed.  This is no surprise.  But almost immediately something occurs  which is quite surprising:  the blood around the cut starts to coagulate.  Coagulation is necessary for closing the wound,  stopping the loss of blood and limiting infection.  The process of coagulation is a chain of different chemical reactions that must occur in a very precise order.  Blood, in general, coagulates in every living being, even in those which possess no knowledge of biology or medicine.

natural intelligenceAs well, every foreign substance which penetrates the wound, for example dust or bacteria, is then destroyed and eliminated by an army of compounds and immune cells that patrol and protect every hidden corner of our body. Soldiers who make up this army have funny names: white blood cells, leukocytes, neutrophils, mast cells, killer cells, antibodies and others.

But you do not have to know their names,  know what they are doing or even know they exist because they  do their job either way.

Above the wound will form a scab, the skin will heal and in a few weeks it will grow back like new, as if it had never been damaged. And all this happens naturally.
Whether the cut was on the hand of an elder, a child, a person suffering from arthritis or asthma, the wound will heal! Yes, the ability to heal remains unaltered. It is a vital function and exists regardless of whether you are affected by one of the thousands or more known diseases that afflict mankind.

The body possesses the magical ability to heal, an “internal healer” that always works, healthy or sick that we are. Can you understand? Health professionals are constantly overwhelmed by the power of the innate ability to heal.

natural intelligence

This capacity has been described from a philosophical, scientific and religious point of view. It has been called “body wisdom,” “God within us,” “the wisdom of nature,” “life force,” and so on.
It’s always with us, young or old, healthy or sick that we are. It is the exceptional quality of life of every living being. To this end, a new field of medicine has emerged, psychoneuroimmunology, which explores the relationships between the mind, neurology and the immune system and  has the same philosophy as Sanrocco.


But if we possess this ability, always present in us, why do we get sick at all? For what reason can we not always be healthy?

Despite the incredible ability of the human body to heal, there are so many elements that can affect that ability for man is incredibly complex and profound. As well we must consider genetic or constitutional factors that can increase or decrease our healing potential.

The factors that affect health and are taken into account at Sanrocco are at a structural, biochemical, mental and electromagnetic level. Recently many researchers have confirmed that emotional health also plays an important role in physical healing.

This is why so many people with such different health problems benefit from treatments at Sanrocco without using drugs and surgical interventions. The task of each of us at Sanrocco is to increase as much as possible the natural or innate healing capacity of the patient. We have explored many fields, many approaches and other forms of knowledge that provided new keys to open the many doors (structural, chemical, mental and electromagnetic) that lead to health.

There are physical conditions that may interfere with the expression of this inner intelligence, this vital energy of our body’s healing. It is “vertebral and joint subluxation or fixation” and is present when the patient reports “I feel my back or joint stuck“.

This interferes with the proper functioning of the nervous system, that is the communication system that combines inner intelligence, or innate intelligence, with the brain and our physical body. This is the state of illness that makes it possible to develop any kind of disease. In this condition of lowered health, the energies are blocked, the life force is reduced, the ability to withstand disease is decreased, and the ability to adapt to the stress of daily life is impaired.

In the individual the evaluation of the functional impact of vertebral subluxation coupled with the corrective-therapeutic approach, expresses, in its essence, an important part of the clinical issues that we at Sanrocco face every day.


spine care

When the chiropractor performs a vertebral or other articular adjustment not only does he restore mobility but also allows the body to work more naturally and the nerves to communicate more efficiently. The “internal doctor” is thus awakened and the body is again in communication with vital forces, energy and life.

Most of the people on this planet have never checked their spine so they have never removed stress from the nerves and probably never will. It is a shame because subluxations or fixations are very common in our society and interfere with the total healing ability.

For this reason it is important to undergo periodic chiropractic checkups of the spine. The question that naturally arises at this point is: if my spine is in good condition, will I never get sick? If it were only so simple!

The best insurance against back problems is prevention. Be sure to check your vertebral column periodically.









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