Chiropractic is based on the scientific fact that the nervous system controls the functions of all cells, tissues and organs, and consequently the function of our entire body. The nervous system is formed of the brain, the spinal cord and millions of nervous “wires”.
The brain is contained in the solid bones of the skull, while the spinal cord in 24 moving bones, called vertebrae, that make up the spine and from which millions of nerve fibers come out to connect to all parts of the body.

Sanrocco method

Between the brain and the rest of the body exists the most advanced communication system of the universe. Each second the brain receives millions of bits of information through the nerve fibers and sends millions of messages across the body to optimize its function.

When there is interference with the information coming to the brain, processing of this information will be limited and consequently the function of our body may be compromised.

These interferences can occur at different levels and have, directly or indirectly, many causes:

– At the Structural level: a simple ankle or knee distortion, blocked vertebrae, whiplash, over-sedentary life, repetitive or excessive strains, dental malocclusion, etc.
– At the biochemical level: from the simple lack of water, vegetables or fruits to an excess of eating animal proteins, carbohydrates or refined foods, etc.
– At the mental level: simply look at the posture of a depressed person, stress, negative thoughts, and so on.
– At the electromagnetic level:  interference caused by cellphone radiation, high voltage cables, television, computers, etc.

All this can lead to a dysfunction of the nervous system and, therefore, to a state of bad health.
The chiropractic approach, aimed at improving health, is to detect, reduce, and help prevent dysfunctions in body-to-brain communication.


Let’s explore the mental level

To better understand the mental level it is important to understand the recent evolution in medicine.

Even today man is generally considered a machine and accordingly the approach to health is a mechanical approach, based on the principle that the body can not heal itself and that the only effective therapies are drugs, surgery and mechanical technology.
This mechanistic approach has been accepted by many doctors, both MD’s and chiropractors.
Their diagnosis and treatments are limited to visible, measurable, quantifiable elements in specific areas of the body without taking into account of bio-psychosocial factors, also forgetting the importance of the art of healing and the empathy with the patient.

Instead, the patient is far more than a machine. The concept of man and the world has been transformed by recent discoveries in the field of nuclear biology and quantum physics. Science today says that everything is energy which exists everywhere in different states and frequencies.Sanrocco method

Most of us are familiar with different types of energy, such as heat, light, sound, magnetism, and gravity, but are not aware of the most subtle energy states, the so-called “bioenergetic fields”. These fields
about the state of matter at the pre-physical or subatomic level.

As an architectural project that provides the schematic design to build a building (the design is not the building itself but contains all the information that makes it possible to create one), each bioenergetic field contains detailed information about consciousness and mental and emotional activities as well as existing relationships with other fields and the surrounding environment.

A bioenergetic field is moving energy. The motion creates a field that allows energy to be absorbed, used and emanated from the field itself. Different energies in a bioenergetic field are measured in terms of frequency. All states of matter have a bioenergetic field that contains all the energy frequencies that exist in that object
Each of us has a frequency of radiant energy.

This energy radiates and is absorbed by ourselves and others. Each type of cell and our body in its entirety have an energy charge that resonates at a specific frequency.

Like any object, the body radiates sound waves and light. Every single part of our body produces a variety of different tones and frequencies. Each of us plays a melody. We are, in fact, as diapasons which try to maintain each persons own tone.

The exchange currency of our universe seems to be energy.
His presence or absence is the difference between life and death.
The extent to which energy is present reflects the strength or weakness of life. This new theory of modern physics says something new about the world, about how the world behaves.positive thinking

In other words, each person has an electromagnetic field that controls the functions of the body. The scientific community is too sophisticated to believe that this ultimate energy (energy of thoughts and electromagnetic energy) or universal energy can have an impact on our lives or our health because it does not yet have the mechanical means to measure its frequency.

Nuclear biology has also shown that a state of growth or defense of an individual’s tissues and organs is not only mediated by the nervous system’s reactions to environmental stimuli but also by mental processes and perceptions of the mind. Positive perceptions produce a growth response while negative perceptions activate a protection or defense mechanism.

We must understand that our perceptions of reality are based on our convictions and therefore are our personal beliefs; so erroneous perceptions can, inappropriately, increase or decrease physiological mechanisms leading to illness.

It has been shown by recent research that chronic illnesses are very often due to negative emotions, accumulations of stress and negative thoughts. Although it is difficult to find a solution to negative thoughts, it is increasingly evident that the mind plays a very important part in our health, so we need to take our feelings more into account.

Chiropractors using the Sanrocco method are able to identify negative thoughts and emotions and their origins and to modify them so as to avoid their detrimental effect on the health of the patient. (See article Exercises for the mind: how to think positive).




I would like to give you some advice here that can help you eliminate some mental stress, because thinking positively means thinking and talking about what you want, while thinking negatively means thinking and talking about what you do not want.

Every time we take a beating in life we ​​have to ask ourselves two questions:
– what lesson I can draw from this?
– what is the positive side of what happened?

Even before the death of a loved one, the reflection must be this: I was lucky that I was able to have enjoyed her/his presence. This will give me strength to move on and avoid depression and isolation.

Every time we think “I do not want,” “I can not,” “it’s impossible,” we are engaged in negative thoughts; we think of the exact opposite of what we really want.chiropractic / mental stress
Like the negative of photograph: exactly the opposite of the printed photo.

Let’s not think and say phrases like “I can not stand it”, “I can not see it”, “I’m jealous”; these sentences create in our brain an image of what we do not want, but the brain can not distinguish what we want from what we do not want. The reason for this is that the brain does not judge, it only works with images.

The more we think about something the more our brain forms images related to this thing. This is also how positive thoughts work.

The more we visualize things we want, the more chance we will have to get them.

But if it’s negative images we have in mind, like “I do not want to get sick of cancer,” we will have a great chance of getting sick because the brain will form the image of cancer, and being unable to judge whether it’s anything positive or negative it will think it’s something the body wants.

If you happen to use negative phrases, try to erase them from your mind as soon as possible and replace negative thoughts with a positive thought that goes towards your goal.

Use positive affirmations about your health, your self-control, your being fortunate. Remember to use the term “things are getting better and better” at all times, use it as a mechanism that will trigger the feeling of positivity.

Positive thinking can bring a big difference in our lives as summarized by Oprah Winfrey:

“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change anything simply by changing his attitude.”

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