The Sanrocco Chiropractic  Method has been constructed step by step over many years by Dr. Seru using the results of  the pioneering research  done at the clinic itself,  collaboration with health specialists from all around the world, and  40 years of practical experience.
It is based upon:

  • –  Information gathered  in hundreds of seminars, applied and filtered for what really works clinically on a  daily basis.
    –  The clinical research done at Sanrocco.

For example:   10 years of research on the  temporomandibular joint (TMJ) done on more than  3000 patients seen together with dentists, occlusion specialists, maxilla-facial surgeons, neurologists etc., revealed that often TMJ problems  interfere with the corrections made by us chiropractors. This information, already integrated in the Sanrocco method, gives the opportunity to identify 90% of all the TMJ problems that can cause lumbar and cervical problems, changes in posture and muscular strength.

  • – From 2 osteopaths who worked at  Sanrocco for 5 years and shared the main osteopathic techniques.
    – The  best techniques of physiotherapy and posturology have been incorporated thanks to those of us who have a University degree in these therapies and years of experience in these subjects.
    – From the study and integration of new chiropractic and neurological techniques.
    – The weekly sharing of findings and observations of the chiropractors and treating patients together.
    – The fact that whenever a new technique came up one of us learned it and if we thought it was useful to help our patients we had the specialist come over to the clinic to teach all of us.
    – The knowledge from the most prominent chiropractors in the world, who stayed (sometimes for several weeks up to a month) at the clinic and shared their knowledge also by treating difficult patients together with us, (George Goodheart , David Walther,  Wally Smith, Ted Morter, Ferreri, Victor Frank, Richard Broome, David Leaf,  J. Schafer etc.)
    Thirtyseven years of experience and over 50,000 patients seen and treated personally.

healthy foodThese chiropractic geniuses have always had the goal of curing  people without  the use of drugs. They developed incredibly effective techniques through their dedication, studying, intuition and  applying the principles of physiology and neurology, that allow patients to heal naturally.

The Sanrocco method is taught by Dr Seru and colleagues (Dr. Stockelynck, Kapsoulis, Ghiretti and Lambrichts) at the Universities of Paris, Toulouse, Madrid and Barcelona. In addition, Dr Seru continues to share this knowledge during his seminars in Belgium, Italy, Germany, Mexico and Colombia. (see seminars)occlusion problems

This allows the clinic to find and recruit students who are not only excellent in academics but also have  a great personality  (who already should  know this method thoroughly)  , and hereby to give continuity to the success / quality provided by this clinic.

Together with Dr. David he has taught many weekend seminars to the various Dental Associations explaining the many possible consequences of a poor occlusion on our health and posture. (Rome, Milan, Pisa, Parma, Udine, Urbino and Paris).

The secret of Sanrocco’s success:

We understood that the therapies  commonly used for muscle spasms  are not working well  because a muscle spasm  is  always secondary to a weak muscle. We have become specialists in understanding the many reasons why a muscle may become weak and how to fix it. Treating the origin of the problem (the weak muscle) and not the consequences (spasm)  the Sanrocco method has become  much more effective than any other therapy.

This  Method allows us to identify the true cause of any dysfunction, remove it and therefore allow the body  to find it’s optimum equilibrium.  What we have practiced in all these years  successfully  for our patients is not a simple chiropractic method. It gives us the ability to personalize every treatment and  achieve much faster and lasting results.

One of the most important reason for this success, apart from sharing the same philosophy, is the basic “first visit protocol” used by all chiropractors in the clinic.
Although each chiropractor practices his own techniques in his own way, the basic first visit protocol is the fundamental first step in quickly and clearly distinguishing the true causes of the patients problems. This protocol indicates the type and order of treatment they must follow in order to get well. It gives priority systems (from teeth to feet), that must not be missed and have to be adjusted first, independent of the patient symptoms, if you want to put the natural healing mechanisms in motion.

In 40 years of activity, after having treated more than two hundred thousand patients, we selected the best therapeutic methodologies and abandoned those that gave inferior results. This allows us to achieve excellent results in the shortest possible time.

What you will find at the Sanrocco chiropractic clinic is:

  • –   A set of state-of-the-art diagnostic tests designed to identify the cause of your problem according to the triangle of health (structural, chemical, mental and now
    also electromagnetic).
    –   A wide range of chiropractic techniques ( from very soft to normal)  to adjust the back and extremities.
    –   Special techniques suitable for everyone, from babies, pregnant women to the elderly.
    –   A variety of techniques that allow us to select the  best  one for that patient at that moment, according  the severity of the problem and age.

whiplash patients

Our chiropractors never stop studying, testing and  improving.
This means that the Sanrocco Method is constantly evolving and that you will always be assured of receiving the most advanced care in the field of chiropractic, neurology and  applied kinesiology.