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Sanrocco method

1. TL NL Adrenals: Relative hypoadrenia and/or Functional hypoglycaemia

                 How to distinguish and treat different forms of stress:

structural – chemical – mental – electromagnetic
Those are the patients who complain that they are worse after being adjusted if their problem is not structural and they never hold an adjustment. You will understand why and how to avoid unhappy patients.

2. TL K27 Right – SP21 Left: Nutritional problem

Possible musculoskeletrical symptoms and illnesses associated with dietary problems.

Most common food intolerances

  1.  Ideal Diet
  2.  How to test for Supplements

     Common signs and symptoms seen in patients lacking vitamins or minerals

3. TL NV PMC: Emotional problem

  1.  Emotional Neurovascular Reflex Technique
  2.  Modified Emotional Technique
  3.  Psychological reversal Technique
  4.  Bach flowers

                         Exercises for the Mind: How to Think Positive.

BCC chiropractic4.  Dorsum left hand on GV20: Electromagnetic problem

Learn how big your electromagnetic field is and also how to neutralize the patients against the radiation from cell phone, I pad, Ebook, computer their body’s electromagnetic field and therefore also to the physical body.

5.  Pineal gland

Patients with sleeping problems causing back pain.

6. Cranial Tap: Holographic problem

How to fix painful spinous processes.

7.  Scar tissue (piercings)

 8. Imbrication

How to detect (symptoms,  tests) and fix facet syndrome

9) Foot problems  (Shock absorbers)

A) Evolution of the lower extremities during the first years of life.
B) Some common foot problems:

  1. Foot pronation
  2. Functional tarsal tunnel syndrome (entrapment of tibial nerve)
  3. Sprained ankle
  4. Medial-lateral cuboid
  5. Cuneiform, navicular, metatarsals
  6. Fasciitis

     Appendix I:  Pain locations and their significance

    Appendix II:  Chiropractic Philosophy

     Appendix III: Note on evidence-based health sciencechiropractic method

Love and enthusiasm for chiropractic

After more than 35 years of professional practice, directing of one of the most prestigious chiropractic clinics in Europe, Sanrocco di Como, Dr. Piet Seru has studied, directly from their creators, the most important chiropractic techniques developed in our profession in the last decades.

From this extensive, profound and varied training experience, Dr. Seru makes a clear and pragmatic synthesis, oriented towards the rapid resolution of the complex problematic symptoms that occur daily in this renowned clinic.

In his seminars Dr. Seru presents the course in an organized, concise, effective way, dedicating a lot of precious time to direct and supervise practice that allows us chiropractors to easily integrate what we have learned the next morning in our practices.

Solidly supported by current scientific data as the traditional philosophical basis of chiropractic, as far as possible from professionally sectarian attitudes, with amiable and warm communication, Dr. Seru will send you his love and enthusiasm for chiropractic, will make you passionate again for the extraordinary therapeutic possibilities of our profession, and will put at your disposal his knowledge.

Bruno Valette, Spain

Doctor of chiropractic (LACC1985)


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