Due to the great demand the program is a repeat of the seminar in October 2019 before doing part II in  the weekend of 11,12 -13 September 2020.
The number of participants is limited to 42 (only who signs up and pays Jean-Luc Chasseriau will be considered as signed up (first pay = first place). Do not call or write me as I have nothing to do with the organization. Students. 190 euros  DCs: 390 euros

Contact: Jean-Luc Chasseriau
E mail: jeanluc@loka.io
Whatsapp: +34678823742
Facebook: https.//www.facebook.com/jeanluc.chasseriau 


CHIROPRACTIC  PROGRAM for Barcelona 15, 16 – 17 May 2020

  1. Neurology on receptors, subluxations and pain.
  2. Chiropractic anamnesis

When, how, and why to accept or refuse a patient using psychosocial/cognitive research and Neuro-Linguistic Programming to communicate with the patient as well as the art of creating enthusiastic life-time patients. (20 to 30% of your results depend on how you communicate with your patients).

The value of exercices and which ones are really helpfull for patients with low back pain.

  1. Postural analysis behind the plumb line

Lateral and antero-posterior postural analysis and how to use it as a practice building procedure.

The pelvic categories (introduction)

  1. Static and dynamic palpation

Seated, supine and prone and what the findings mean.

  1. Predictable Recurrent Palpatory Pain Patterns(from feet to occiput)

Normal patterns as well as exceptions and their meaning.
It will not only allow you to do a unique chiropractic visit, independent of the technique you use, but also to make the patient feel the differences before and after the adjustment. The nice thing about the predictable pain patterns is that it convinces the patient (especially the kinesthetic ones) that you understood their problem. It will not only help you to avoid mistakes but also to show more confidence. This part alone is already worth the whole seminar for chiropractors with a high volume practice.

  1. Short leg:

Difference prone-supine and anatomical short legs (heel lifts)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Priority system:                                                                                                                                                 
A) Dural Torque Tension
Probably the most important key to resolve chronic problems, generalized tiredness without evident reasons, malaise, almost all cases of fibromyalgia, pain all over after giving birth and most whiplash injuries.                                                                                                                            
B) Occiput Lift – Anterior Atlas
Not only important in fixing unexplained knee or low back pain, but many times crucial in fixing symptoms of what medicine attributes at a  stenosis of the lumbar spine.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

 C) SOT Cat. I
Complete basic procedure combined with AK and how to accelerate the procedure of blocking in Cat.I.

D) SOT Cat. II
All normal SOT procedures are modified and adapted to the Sanrocco method and combined with other techniques, so faster, better and longer lasting results are obtained.

Different treatment options between medial and lateral disc herniations. (how to fix a patient with a herniated disc in 4 to 5 visits and different approaches for acute and/or chronic disc problems).

! THE SEMINAR WILL BE TAUGHT IN ENGLISH  (all of the notes will be in English)

About the Sanrocco Chiropractic Method

Over the last 28 years the clinic has averaged over 3500 new patients per year with no insurance, no advertising, no physical therapy, no reimbursement, high fees and no gimmicks.

One of the most important reason for this success, apart from sharing the same philosophy, is the basic “first visit protocol” used by all chiropractors in the clinic. Although each chiropractor practices his own techniques in his own way, the basic first visit protocol is the fundamental first step in quickly and clearly distinguishing the true causes of the patients problems. This protocol indicates the type and order of treatment they must follow in order to get well. It gives priority systems (from teeth to feet), that shouldn’t be missed and have to be adjusted first, independent of the patient symptoms, if you want to put the natural healing mechanisms in motion.


This protocol forms the basis of the “Sanrocco chiropractic method” which has been constructed step by step over the years by Dr. Seru and is based upon:

–  information learned in hundreds of seminars, applied and filtered for what really clinical works practical on a daily basis.

– 39 years of experience and over 55000 patients seen, treated and adjusted personally.

–  the clinical research done at the Sanrocco (like the TMJ, a 10 year  research done on more than  3000 patients and seen with dentists, occlusion specialists, maxilla-facial surgeons, neurologists etc.).

– the weekly sharing of findings and observations of the chiropractors and seeing patients together.

– the fact that whenever a new technique came up somebody of us followed it and if we thought it was useful to help better the patients we had the person come over to the clinic to teach all of us.

– the knowledge of the most prominent chiropractors in the world, who stayed (sometimes for several weeks up to a month) at the clinic and shared their knowledge also by treating difficult patients together, (Goodheart , Morter , Ferreri, Victor Frank, Broome, Leaf,  Schafer etc.).


Give patients unconditional love, think intentional healing, observe, study, read about all aspects of chiropractic, think and write down what you want to get, act upon it, and thank for what you really get.               

                                                             (IT WORKS!)

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